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Unlimited Calls & Texts

The “Go Everywhere, Do Everything” App

Just $3.99 / month

Unlimited talk and text

Seriously – no limits, none

Alternative to expensive plans

$4 vs $40 – stop paying excessive rates

Free international roaming

Whenever you have a WiFi connection

Custom phone numbers

Transfer or customize a new number

Second phone line

Use for business, privacy, or dating

No dead zones

WiFi to overcome spotty cell service

unlimited everything

unlimited Voice Calls

unlimited Text Messages

unlimited Coverage

cost & convenience

just $3.99 per month

no contract or commitment

choose or bring your own number

latest & greatest features

call waiting & 3-way calling

standard & visual voicemail

regular, group, photo & video text

How to Use the Phone+Text App

Just four easy steps to unlimited calls and unlimited text

1. Create Your Account

Purchase your plan and follow the easy sign-up instructions

2. Download the Apps

Install Wavenation’s Phone+Text App
Then, install the Wavenation Care App


3. Get Connected

Connect to the Internet using a WiFi connection or your phone’s data connection

4. Talk & Text

Use the Phone+Text app to make unlimited calls and text
Use the Care app for top-ups and account settings

Call More, Talk Longer - With Great Rates and Superior Quality

“With Wavenation’s WiFi feature, I can finally get clear reception on my mobile phone while in the office. No more dropped calls while indoors!”

Mary – Kansas City, KS

“I set-up a virtual number in Mexico so that I can talk to my family everyday. Works great, can’t beat the price. I love knowing that we can talk without worrying about the cost. Thanks, Wavenation.”

Rick – Miami, FL

“Wavenation Pinless Calling is super easy and convenient. I set-up my account, picked a recharge amount and entered my daughter ’s number. Now, whenever I want to talk, I push one button to call her. Clear service and great rates – I’m a fan.”

Jim – Chicago, IL