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Unlimited Calls & Texts

(including Free Intl. Roaming and a Second Phone Line)

with the Phone+Text App

Just $3.99 / month

How Can the Phone+Text App Help You?

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The Phone+Text app gives you unlimited free talk and text to anywhere in the US.

Unlike other messaging apps that only allow you to call other app users, the Wavenation Phone+Text app works over WiFi to keep you connected with free texting and calling.

Travel the world and keep in touch with
friends and family

Wavenation’s Phone+Text app has the best International calling rates and works anywhere you have a wifi data connection, without paying roaming fees. Keep your current US number or select a new second line; either way, friends and family can reach you with free International calls. The app works the same whether you’re sitting at home or at a café in Paris – and at no extra cost.

A free second phone number to use for private calling or as a business phone number

The Phone+Text app provides a free second phone number to use for private calling or as a business phone number. Protect your privacy with a free 2nd phone number. Get a free second phone number (you pick the area code) and call, text, and manage contacts within the Phone+Text app.

If you run your own small business, you can give your customers the Phone+Text business phone number so that you’ll always know whether the incoming call is business vs personal.

If you’re going out on a first date and aren’t sure if they’ll be a second date, you can give a temporary phone number and keep your real number private. With the Phone+Text app, there’s no commitment so you can cancel anytime or come back for a new phone number.

If you simply want a new second number to mask your primary phone number, the Phone+Text app is right for you. It provides all the benefits of having a second cell phone, without having to carry two devices and pay for two expensive plans.

Pay only $3.99 per month (plus tax)

Other apps charge you to keep your second number, for unlimited calls and texts, for decent International calling rates. Not us! With the Wavenation Phone+Text app, you pay only $3.99 per month (plus tax) and we’ll even give you the first month free if you use the promo code ONEMONTHFREE.

If you sign-up for our annual plan, you’ll save 10% and it will only cost $3.26/month (plus tax) when you use the ONEMONTHFREE promo code.

Choose your own free phone number

The Phone+Text app service allows you to choose your own free phone number during the checkout process. You can choose any area code from almost anywhere in the US, so if you’ve always wanted that Los Angeles phone number you can get it with Wavenation instead of having to move to Los Angeles.

On top of being able to choose your own phone number, you can transfer your current cell phone number to the Phone+Text app.

Maybe you don’t really need that expensive cellular plan and just need a phone that works over WiFi. By transferring your number to the Phone+Text app you can keep your number while killing your bill.

Maybe you’re headed to Europe for a summer of backpacking and want to spend the $60/month you’re currently paying to your cellular provider on some great food and wine. You can transfer your number to the Phone+Text app, keep your $60/month, and use the app anywhere you have WiFi when you’re traveling overseas.

Maybe you’re a college student spending a semester (or two) abroad. Transferring your number to the Phone+Text app lets you use your number overseas without paying roaming fees and allows you to stop paying that cell phone bill. You can transfer your number back to a cellular provider when you get back home, but we’re pretty sure you’re going to love the service so much that you won’t – give it a try!

To transfer your current phone number simply create an account with any phone number then login and click ‘Port My Number’

No dead zones

The Phone+Text app works over any data connection, so you can use our WiFi calling app to fill all those dead spots where your cell phone currently fails – buildings with poor coverage, especially high rises and basements.

Our Calling App Just Got Even Better

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How to Use the Phone+Text App

Just four easy steps to unlimited calls and unlimited text

1. Create Your Account

Purchase your plan and follow the easy sign-up instructions

2. Download the Apps

Install Wavenation’s Phone+Text App
Then, install the Wavenation Care App


3. Get Connected

Connect to the Internet using a WiFi connection or your phone’s data connection

4. Talk & Text

Use the Phone+Text app to make unlimited calls and text
Use the Care app for top-ups and account settings

Call More, Talk Longer - With Great Rates and Superior Quality

“With Wavenation’s WiFi feature, I can finally get clear reception on my mobile phone while in the office. No more dropped calls while indoors!”

Mary – Kansas City, KS

“I set-up a virtual number in Mexico so that I can talk to my family everyday. Works great, can’t beat the price. I love knowing that we can talk without worrying about the cost. Thanks, Wavenation.”

Rick – Miami, FL

“Wavenation Pinless Calling is super easy and convenient. I set-up my account, picked a recharge amount and entered my daughter ’s number. Now, whenever I want to talk, I push one button to call her. Clear service and great rates – I’m a fan.”

Jim – Chicago, IL