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Wireless Your Way

At Wavenation, we provide low-cost, exceedingly high-value wireless service to consumers across the US and internationally.

Our sweet spot is our strong national network … which we own … and have engineered to carry calls and text messages at peak efficiency and at extremely low costs. Since we have no middle-man (because we own and operate our own network), we can pass these savings on to you, our customer – which we absolutely do!

Then we take what we are great at … low-cost voice and text … and couple it with all the other fundamentals of a standard wireless service … like data, like international, like call waiting and visual voicemail … and let you choose what you want and need in a wireless plan.

That’s the thing with Wavenation, we let you build the plan that is “perfect” just for you while keeping costs low and quality high.

Better, Smarter, Cheaper

Wavenation customers care about cost … about call quality … and about having a comprehensive set of features that allow them to stay connected however they choose.

Since 2008, Wavenation has provided over 500,000+ customers with exceptional quality at an incredibly low cost.