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How to Call Internationally

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Using Your Local Access Number

You’ll receive your Local Access Number by email & text on sign-up

From Your Mobile Phone

Once you complete your account set-up, you’ll receive a welcome message via both email and text providing you with your account’s local access number. For easy retrieval, we suggest you add this number to the list of contacts in your phone.

To make an international call, simply dial your access number and when you hear the voice prompt, complete your call by entering the destination country code and phone number.

From Your Landline

After you complete the sign-up process, please check your email or text for your welcome message that contains your unique local access number. With access code in hand, simply dial your local access number from your home phone to reach our platform. When prompted, enter your destination country code and phone number to complete your call.

International Calling Features

The features you need … at the price you want 

Pinless Dialing

Make calls easier – dial your local access number, plus country code + number.

Local Access Number

Get your special local access number and save in contacts for easy retrieval.

Speed Dial

Add speed dial for up to 10 phone numbers. Assign 1-digit dialing for super fast connection.

Auto Recharge

Never run out of minutes – set-up automatic recharge for convenient top-ups.

Share Balance

Register up to 10 phone numbers to a single account and make low-cost calls from one calling balance.

Check Balance

Via your online account or in-call voice prompts that provide credit & time remaining alerts.

No Expiration - Ever

Never worry about losing minutes – Wavenation Intl. minutes never expire – ever!

1-Minute Rounding

1-minute rounding cuts costs significantly compared to competitor’s 3- or 5-minute call minimum.